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The Brill House was built in 1850 by John J. Brill Jr. after inheriting the farmland from his father.  John J. Brill Jr. married Frances King in 1860 and live there with their 3 children. The King family was well known to the region, as they were one of the first settlers in Greenfield, NY.

The Brill family operated the land as a dairy farm and agricultural business until 1886, when the Denton family purchased it.  They built on the dairy farm history and transformed the farm into the Mountainside Dairy. In 1900, the property was sold to the Waller family who ran the dairy farm for 46 years.  The Pepper family then took ownership and created the Pepper Turkey Farm. The Turkey Farm became a staple in Saratoga County until 1973.

A few other families and businesses rotated through until the mansion became vacant and fell into disrepair. In 2020, Michael Blaauboer, originally from the region, purchased the property and set his heights high to restore this historical landmark to it's former glory.



Step into the enchanting narrative of our expansive 33-acre property—a transformation that seamlessly marries history and modernity. The meticulous restoration of the mansion preserves its rich character, offering a delicate yet rewarding journey into the past. The integration of original features with contemporary comforts ensures an experience that transcends time, allowing you to relish the pleasures of both eras.

This commitment to preservation extends beyond the mansion, touching every outdoor facility on the property. The walls that once echoed with the stories of businesses and families have been revitalized, unearthing and repurposing treasures from the past. The result is a stunning blend of nostalgia and sophistication that pays homage to the property's unique legacy.

Embark on a journey through Saratoga's captivating history as you immerse yourself in the present-day charm of this Adirondack town. The seamless fusion of the past and the present at our venue promises an exquisite backdrop for your wedding—an experience that unfolds amidst the echoes of time, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our enchanting wedding & events venue opened its doors in 2023, offering unparalleled elegance and charm for your special day.

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